Sketch Kvetch

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  1. Such a tragedy and loss I cannot comprehend. I was on that trip and well remember the bureaucracy in replacing passports etc that took up so much time and emotion. On the plus side I have so enjoyed reading all your blogs and feel I have shared some of your adventures and learned so much more about your art and love of jazz. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, dear Bev! I was blessed having all of you around to help me through this episode in so many ways. And we did have so much fun, regardless of this set-back!

  2. What a sad and traumatic time that was! I relived it that trauma when reading this blog. I am sneaking in a little “Mariken blog time” this morning while completing my major move from little rural outpost to big city vibes. Loving your drawings very much and reminiscences. — Anne

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