Teachers & Influencers in Drawing #3: Franklin McMahon

4 thoughts on “Teachers & Influencers in Drawing #3: Franklin McMahon”

  1. Thank you Mariken. I am a big fan!
    Please add me to your mailing list. I do not want to miss any thing

  2. Hello
    I am Deborah McMahon Osterholtz. Franklin McMahonwas my father.I enjoyed seeing this blog. I recently had a book published about my father and mother. THE WORLD YOUR STUDIO: Travel Stories by Irene and Franklin McMahon. It is available on Amazon and thru Barnes and Noble.
    I have also done several talks about my fathers artwork. These are available to view on the internet. The first is USK TALKS Franklin McMahon Reportage Master The second 5 minute drawing University of Lisbon Franklin McMahon. I also did a talk for The History center of Lake Forest THE WORLD IS YOUR STUDIO Travel Stories by Irene and Franklin McMahon

  3. Mariken,
    I am pleased to see you are still drawing. Thank you for sharing your recent review of illustration in the newspaper world. I miss thoughtful pieces of art in print.
    I forgot to mention my father, Franklin McMahons films are available to view on line at Chicago Film Archive.

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