With the Wodaabe nomads in southern Chad

Here’s a row of young men of proud, slender stature and dark, refined features, their faces tattooed and painted, surrounded by elaborately braided hairdos. They wear variously blue-checkered long tunics, their pant legs edged with embroidered graphics. They carry a long shephard’s stick over one shoulder, display layers of beaded necklaces and other multi-coloured decorations … Continue reading With the Wodaabe nomads in southern Chad

Sketch Kvetch

In 2019, I spent two months in Africa: one in Sudan for a desert crossing on foot and another in South Africa to visit friends. Both were unforgettable and unusually rich experiences. There was so much happening every day that I wrote more than seventy pages of impressions, detailed information, names, places and moods, interspersed … Continue reading Sketch Kvetch