With the Wodaabe nomads in southern Chad

9 thoughts on “With the Wodaabe nomads in southern Chad”

  1. As usual, deeply thoughtful, engagingly written and very reflective of your beautiful deep compassionate curiosity about your fellow human beings on this earth !!

  2. Thank you, Mariken, for your curious questioning and insightful reflections. Such evocative writing and illustrations inspire me to again visit some of the roads less travelled – and I hope that when I do, I will be as respectful and thoughtful as you.

  3. Dear Mariken, I read your blog and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a thoughtful piece at least as much about the sociology of tourism, as about the Wodaabe. It’s true, isn’t it? So much about today’s tourism is “Been there, done that, taken the (selfie) picture, got the T-shirt.” One can see these contemporary photos of “exotic” people in a similar vein as the hunters’ trophies of old. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!
    And the funny thing is if we look around us, we will see equally “exotic” folks on our very own streets!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this….fascinating observation of this unique culture. I really enjoy your descriptions……makes me feel as if I was standing right there too.

  5. Beautiful post — writing, drawings, photos, everything. It’s entertaining, educational, plus a nudge to be more aware. Thanks, Mariken.

  6. Magnifique reportage réalisé avec beaucoup de sensibilité et de respect.
    L’observation du comportement des Wodaabe est remarquable.
    Mariken, en te relisant je suis revenu voir ces Wodaabe que j’ai aimés.

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