Readers of History, and all that Jazz

7 thoughts on “Readers of History, and all that Jazz”

  1. Great article. An interesting story about an interesting man. Beats a new cycle that is mean and depressing. I just discovered you after a recommendation from my brother. You will become a part of my life. I’m looking forward to it and thanks for doing this.

  2. Dick Smith now 85, is alive and well still playing Jazz and teaching sax, here on Gabriola Island. I’m very happy to call him a friend.

    1. Thank you Dave! Dick may not remember me, but share the story with him anyways, please. I hung out in the Classical Joint almost every night at the time, with my then-partner Michael Dunn, the guitarmaker. The ‘eighties were a rich time for music here in Vancouver. I still see Andreas somewhat regularly in the current jazz scene; he lives just a few blocks away from me.

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