Teachers & Influencers in Drawing #3: Franklin McMahon

Here’s a challenge for you traveling urban sketchers out there: Be brave, try drawing exquisite St. Peter’s Square in Rome! Don’t balk at the architecture though, which is so maddeningly complicated you may well break your pencil in half and reach for your camera instead. But don’t do that! Go on, fit everything you see … Continue reading Teachers & Influencers in Drawing #3: Franklin McMahon

Joe Sacco: Visual journalist

Graphic novels and ‘comics’ storytelling represent a growing genre in publishing these days. It includes not only the familiar sci-fi and criminal strip cartoons with their extreme foreshortening of hands and feet and their Baaaam!!! Flash*!# Aargh!* constantly exploding balloons, but serious literature too, such as for example, Proust and Kafka by the Frenchmen Stéphane … Continue reading Joe Sacco: Visual journalist